This Site

Welcome to Heaven Circle!

Through this site you will be able to see our upcoming events, keep up with the latest news, join our community and enjoy our naughty content... ;)

If you want to attend a party you must first pass our photo selection process. To do this go to the Party Applications Page in your dashboard. 

All you have to do is upload a verification photo of you or you and your partner (showing you are real!) Then your best three photos. 

Then pick the brand you wish to apply for i.e. Nights Of St Francis, Blyndfolds, Sorority XX, The Masons Lodge, 12 Masons, Singles Club. 

These photos will be viewed by our selection team and if successful you shall be approved for that brand. 

You can then join that community by following their profile, where you will get access to updates, be able to email them directly and get all the links for tickets to upcoming parties. You can comment on posts and see extra things others not in the community cannot.

Each brand has a membership fee which you can cancel at any time. Simply load your wallet and then enjoy!

But what is Heaven Circle?

Think of all our brands as selection events. We choose select guests from all our brands to join our very secret and exclusive Heaven Circle parties which are held just twice a year with one in Europe and one in the USA. You cannot apply for Heaven Circle.