12 Masons - Filmed Parties


Welcome to 12 Masons - Our Online Brand where you can watch a pre-recorded party from home or apply and make the party!
Our online party allows participants to keep their identity hidden, yet have a party they can remember forever, while guests who cannot attend our private parties get to watch all the fun online!
This is the only brand where we allow any cameras, all other brands are strictly private. 


What is a Mason? A mason is someone who loves what we do and wants to be part of our family. Masons are extra special and chosen based on their influence, the way they look, the way they behave and have that little something extra. Only a few are chosen to be Masons and as a result rewarded handsomely for it. Masons are a big part of our online parties and connect with those who cannot attend our actual events


Join our online party and have an upgraded account. Show the world your exhibitionist side and also (if you want to) earning money from it too!
Simply apply for an exhibitionist account, and if your application is successful you will become a member of 12 Masons and receive invites to our content days for free! Our content days recreate Nights Of St Francis, Blyndfolds, The Masons Lodge, Sorority XX and Singles Nights & Bi Nights and you can join in one or all of them!