About us

Heaven Circle began in 2013 via 12 friends at a small house party in Wimbledon England. 

Due to many different tastes in people, genders, niches and fetishes we created four more brands. 

Nights Of St Francis - Large scale fetish and sex parties with incredible shows. 
The Masons Lodge - Small scale house parties of the naughty variety
Blyndfolds - Parties for primarily submissive girls who like more than one guy at a time
Sorority XX - A girl only event for bi and lesbian girls

All of our events have a common theme. Selection and quality control is paramount. 

Everyone has the ability to throw a sex party, but very few care as much as we do about who walks through the door. 

Due to our selection policy being strict, many did not have the opportunity to attend our events. In 2020 during the pandemic, we created online events.

Online events are under our Brand 12 Masons. These are sex parties by real amateurs and real guests who keep their identities hidden and were happy to be filmed with complete confidentiality. These parties were then edited and available to watch by those who wish to have an online party available to them any time anywhere through the power of the internet....