Sep 03, 2022 - Sep 04, 2022   (21:30 - 02:30)

Capacity: 25 City: London Invite Only: Yes Paid Event: Yes Heaven Circle verified brand: Yes

Event Info

What to expect? Blyndfolds events are small private parties for girls who are predominantly submissive and like a guy who takes control. The ULTIMATE fantasy event.

The Ritual

The Blyndfolds ritual is possibly the most exciting of all traditions. Single girls arrive first, sip a glass of bubbles, relax and soak in the atmosphere. Later, the girls are asked to go into the play area with THE BIG BED. Meanwhile the guys arrive in a separate area to get ready and relax.

The girls get changed together and then lay in a circle blindfolded and wait for the first gong.

On the first strike of the Blyndfolds gong, the guys enter the playroom, viewing the big bed and the girls in lingerie laying in a circle blind folded... (it's quite a sight!).

However only light touching and teasing is allowed on the first gong. This will go on for several minutes...

After the second gong has been struck, you are free to play as you please and anything goes ;) Girls may take off their blindfold on the sound of the second gong either straight away, after a few seconds, minutes or as some girls have done... just leave it on!


Like all Blyndfolds parties, safety rules apply and girls are always in control. No means no... yes means YES!!!


Friday 3rd September - Timings below, these are very important for 'The Ritual'

Ladies - 9:30pm 

Gentleman - 10:30pm


Private Residence, London

Dress Code

Ladies - Please go for sexy smart such as what you would wear to a top London club - BUT BLACK LINGERIE IS A MUST!

Gentleman - Dashing and smart - shirt and trousers, rather than jeans and trainers.  Also invest the time and due diligence to be minty fresh and trimmed, with a splash of aftershave (we'll let you decide which parts of your anatomy each of those refer to).

The Bar

Your welcome bubbles will be complimentary, and there will be a bar with a selection of drinks to purchase from throughout the night.

Absolutely No Photography

We do not allow photography of any kind at our parties. Anyone caught with their phone out to do so will be asked to leave and may not return to any future events.

Safety and Security

This is paramount to all of our parties and our community as a whole. We always have at team at hand to ensure everyone is safe and happy. Anyone disrespecting this and behaving in an undesirable manor will be removed and banned immediately.

Booking Policy

INVITE ONLY. You can't register for this event. You can only attend if you receive a direct invite from our team, this includes having an approved Blyndfolds badge on our site. You cannot book a ticket on behalf of anyone else without prior written approval from our team.

Who can attend