22 Feb, 2023
Feeling a little nervous before attending your first sex party is completely normal. We are here to make your first experience as comfortable and liberating as possible.

First and foremost, always arrive sober and with an open mind. You are welcome to let the host know ahead of time or upon arrival that you are a little nervous and wish for us to introduce you to other guests and check in with you during the evening.

A drink to get you in the party mood is always fine but using ‘dutch courage’ to ease nerves is never a good idea as it can hinder your experience and communication. There will always be enough happening to satisfy all the senses and you want to stay in full control to express your boundaries and possible desires and be aware of others.

Our events always start with welcome drink and plenty of time for guests to become well acquainted with each other. Later in the evening, the atmosphere is changed in some areas of the venue and the playrooms are open for guests to explore if they wish to. When this happens, don't feel pressured to engage in play (sex) if it's not something you want dive into just yet. At Heaven Circle we facilitate sensual connection. Our focus is liberating our guests and creating a space where you can explore safely at any level. This can mean you can simply dance and flirt in your favourite new outfit, be the voyeur, try some mild impact play or if you are so inclined, the exhibitionist.

Most importantly, remember that consent is key. If you are eager to dip your toes into group play, remember that sex parties are by no means a ‘free for all’ and no assumptions should ever be made about someone else's desires or comfort levels, no matter what they may have just been doing. The golden rule is: always ask before you touch or approach someone and respect that no means no and move on graciously should their response be anything but an enthusiastic yes.

Safe sex s a non negociable, always use condoms with any new sexual partner. When playing, verbal expression of your desires is encouraged, as is learning theirs just like you would in a private setting. This can be done in a playful way, say what you love, want to try with them or anything you definitely don’t like and enjoy your mutual chemistry while exploring each other. The key is to always be in tune with yourself and only do what feels right, and always respect everyone around you.

Before attending your first play party, be sure to get well acquainted with our party rules & etiquette guide. The world of play parties can be an incredible erotic and liberating experience and ongoing journey, but only if everyone plays respectfully.

Always remember, the hosts are available throughout the evening if you have questions or concerns. We are very experienced in all aspects of parties, the non-monogamous lifestyle, desires, expression and boundaries and we are here for you.
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