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We did it! NOSF Summer 2021!

Jul 04, 2021
Well we did it... we don't know how but we did it!
We literally pulled off a miracle!

The Thursday before the event we got told that the Police turned up at the venue. The Friday before (24 hours before the event was due to take place) the council showed up. Then the press emailed the venue.... At 11 o'clock the night before the event... it was officially canceled. However our CEO had other ideas. He negotiated with the venue owners and stayed up till 5am marking out exactly how the event could take place. He woke up again at 7am and booked many amenities that would be needed for the outside on the day. It wasn't until around 5pm on the day of the event that everything was agreed and the event went ahead. 

Many of the guests had no idea just how close the event came to not happening. We fought every step of the way to make it happen and considering everything... we could not have done any more!

We had a helicopter, limo, hot tubs, performances and many many guests!

We had to make a few compromises to allow the event to take place... however when all restrictions are lifted.... we will be free to truly blow everyone away. 

And we cant wait.... ;)
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